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The UHI2023 Conference "Holistic approaches to address urban heat islands" invites researchers and practitioners to present and exchange ideas that will contribute to the betterment of our environment. 

Selected papers will be published in Special Issues of the Journal of Energy and Buildings and the Journal of Urban Climate.

Refereeing Process

All abstracts will be double-blind peer reviewed, and accepted abstracts will be invited to be developed into full papers. Each submitted full paper will be double-blind peer reviewed by members of the International Scientific Committee. Accepted papers by registered authors will be published in the conference proceedings (with an ISBN).

The authors of the selected papers will be invited to extend their papers for submission to, and publication in a highly esteemed journal.

Abstract Submission

We invite submission of abstract of about 400 words addressing all aspects of countermeasures to UHI including:

  • Resilient design of buildings in response to changing climates

  • UHI and building performance: energy consumption and indoor comfort

  • Cool materials, roof, pavement and advance materials developments and characteristics

  • Anthropogenic heat and urban pollution

  • Cooling effect of natural sources (vegetation, lakes, rivers ground)

  • Relationship between UHI and urban and city planning

  • Simulation and analysis of UHI and its effects across scales

  • Measurement of UHI effect

  • Machine learning and remote sensing of cities and UHI

  • Social and economic dimensions: UHI, economy, health and well-being

  • Program development, policy and evaluation of UHI mitigation and adaptation

The abstracts can be submitted through our online Portal by 31 October 2022. 

Paper Submission

Prepare the full paper using the Word template: IC2UHI2023-Full-Paper_Template

Citation manager for references is available: IC2UHI_APA-endnote


When you prepare your paper for review, do not include any identifying information (e.g., authors’ names, affiliations, or references to these). Include this information later when your paper has been accepted for inclusion in the conference.


  • Submit for full paper review a ‘file-size reduced’ PDF file only.

  • Submit your final paper, with the changes required by the reviewers, as a Word document using this template.

  • ​All files uploaded should be named using the submission-id number (e.g., 100.pdf and 100 .docx/doc).


Submit full paper for review through the online Portal by 31 May 2023.

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